BoxTone's Solutions

BoxTone's mobile management platform powers wide-scale, mission-critical enterprise mobility. BoxTone’s automated security and compliance controls deliver the control IT needs. Its end-to-end visibility and automated problem remediation enable the supportability users demand. Finally, BoxTone’s proactive real-time monitoring and environment tuning provide the reliability businesses requires.

BoxTone is the only platform that delivers all critical Enterprise Mobility Management capabilities for successful enterprise mobilization.

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Enterprise Mobility Management Globe

Enterprise Mobility Management: Mobility has nearly limitless potential to transform business, deliver faster response time, better customer service, improved productivity and increased sales. However, supporting, managing and securing your mobile deployment presents numerous challenges. Only BoxTone’s Enterprise Mobile Management platform provides the complete solution for enterprise mobility challenges.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile Device Management Lock

Mobile Device Management: The first step to any wide-scale, mission-critical mobile deployment is to get control over your mobile devices and apps. Organizations must ensure policies are enforced, and configurations are uniformly pushed to devices. They also must ensure real-time visibility across mobile devices. BoxTone provides the most automated Mobile Device Management solution on the market. BoxTone fully integrates with your existing Active Directory (AD) infrastructure. Only BoxTone lets you manage your entire MDM deployment with no operator touch. It picks up policies based on AD group and automatically pushes them to the device.

Mobile Service Management (MSM)

Mobile Service Management Gear

Mobile Service Management: As mobility grows more pervasive, it quickly becomes a mission-critical platform. However, traditional mobile management point products fail to treat mobility as a tier-one platform. The result is added complexity, outages and cost overruns that have negative business impact. For this reason, many mobile initiatives today fail to live up to their potential. Only BoxTone delivers the reliability and supportability needed for wide-scale, mission-critical environments via a complete MSM solution that empowers both operations and service desk.

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