Mobile User Self-Service

Empowering Users While Reducing Support Costs

As businesses expand their mobile deployments and implement Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives, mobile support demands increase. Organizations must find ways to reduce the volume of support calls. At the same time, they must limit lost employee time and assure that users remain productive. Empowering users to solve their own problems is an ideal way to do both.

User Self-Service Reset Password

BoxTone improves the supportability of mobile deployments by delivering the complement of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Fix Your Own Device (FYOD). Its intuitive User Self-Service (USS) portal both lowers costs and improves user satisfaction. BoxTone User Self-Service enables organizations to:

Eliminate the Top Causes of Support Calls
  • Enable users to reset device or app passwords
  • Activate, migrate, replace and retire user devices without any IT touch
  • Lock or wipe lost or stolen devices immediately without a support call
Shift and Reduce Support Load
  • Support iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices from a single portal
  • Migrate across Good, Exchange ActiveSync, BlackBerry BES platforms without expensive rip-and-replace or retraining
  • Reallocate support staff to complex tasks rather than routine functions
Enable BYOD at Scale
  • Provision devices without IT touch
  • Enable 24x7 support so users can resolve issues whenever they need
  • Improve user satisfaction while containing costs
Ensure Compliance via Automation
  • Ensure policy and compliance enforcement throughout platform transitions or coexistence
  • Audit every aspect of your environment across platforms without extensive overhead
  • Reduce the risk of data loss by ensuring device wipes happen rapidly during migrations and replacements

User Self-Service Replace Device

User Self-Service for Your Changing Mobile Environment

Each year more and more users demand mobile devices, apps and services, accelerated by the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend. At the same time, the mobile technology mix is in constant flux, with users swapping devices and platforms at an alarming frequency. This creates an ongoing challenge for IT support.

The necessary compliment to Bring Your Own Device is Fix Your Own Device (FYOD). BoxTone’s User Self- Service (USS) is the first and only solution delivering FYOD capabilities. It enables user to solve 60-70% of support tasks themselves through an easy to use portal. BoxTone USS supports all common devices such as iOS, Android and BlackBerry. It also supports platforms such as Good, BlackBerry BES and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (EAS).

Addressing the Top 5 User Support Challenges

Most mobile issues resulting in support calls fall into one of 5 categories. The first is device provisioning. Users often struggle to get their devices onto the corporate network. This often results in a service desk call. A second is de-provisioning or replacing a device when it is not longer in use. A third is locking or wiping a device when it is lost or stolen. Users forgetting their password represents a fourth common challenge. Finally a fifth is when a device stops properly connecting to corporate data and the user needs to find out why. Together, these five issues represent 60-70% of support calls.

BoxTone User Self-Service addresses all of these issues. From checking status of the device to resetting password to device activation, migration, lock, wipe and full de-provisioning, BoxTone takes the burden off of the service desk. Users can easily address each issue themselves without a call. Organizations can now grow their deployments while containing costs.

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