BoxTone for Good

Complete Enterprise Mobility Management for Good Technology

Good Technology

In November 2012 BoxTone and Good Technology announced a strategic partnership to provide complete device and server management as well as deep analytics to organizations that use Good products. Today, BoxTone is fully integrated into Good’s suite of products across multiple areas.

Comprehensive Service Management for Good environments

  • Proactively detect and automatically alert IT to Good service issues before users call
  • Continuously monitor end-to-end transactions across backend, NOC, carrier and device to detect issues
  • Automate service desk so you can grow your environment without growing support headcount

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Analyze Your App Usage and Make Better Investment Decisions

  • Identify app usage by app, platform and version to direct your spend to most impactful areas
  • Increase or decrease licenses based on real-world usage
  • More effectively scale and rollout apps by understanding adoption

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Provision and Configure your Good Devices

  • Set and enforce policy for devices
  • Manage distribution of Good for Enterprise and Good Dynamics applications
  • Integrate Mobile Device Management with your Good deployments

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Ensuring the Reliability of Good Environments

Good Environments depend on wide set of infrastructure components. They involve Good servers, other backend servers like Exchange, infrastructure, firewalls, NOCs, carrier networks, devices and more. Each of these components introduces points of failure. However, finding where issues lie can be like finding a needle in a haystack. This is further complicated because much of the infrastructure sits outside the firewall and outside IT control.

Good Technology Potential Issues

BoxTone quickly pinpoints these issues. Whether it’s a backend issue like a mailbox timebomb, a client issue like a paused user or data cache corruption, or something in between such as a NOC or carrier failure, BoxTone eliminated the ensuing fire drill. By looking at all Good transactions end-to-end BoxTone correlates exactly where the issue lies. It immediately alerts operations staff so they can swing into action. BoxTone ensures that the complexity of Good environments does not result in outages or lost employee time.

Empowering Support Teams

BoxTone doesn’t just help operations teams, however. It surfaces this exact same intelligence to the service desk as well. When they receive a user call about a Good issue they can get immediate, actionable intelligence on what is causing the user issue. They can quickly diagnose whether it’s a known backend issue or something specific to the particular user. Furthermore, BoxTone provides intuitive instructions for how to resolve the issue. If support can resolve it on their own, BoxTone provides a 1-click fix. If the user must take action, BoxTone gives support step-by-step instructions on what needs to be done.

BoxTone for Good Technology Support Dashboard

With BoxTone you can significantly reduce your support costs. Instead of 80% of issues causing escalations, now only 20% require them. Mean time to resolution can be drive down from half an hour to less than 5 minutes.

Deep Analytics to Drive Improved ROI

Beyond simply keeping the system reliable and supportable, BoxTone provides deep analytics on how users actually are using the technology. This becomes especially important as organizations build or buy enterprise apps. To understand where to invest and to what degree, both Lines of Business (LOB) and IT must have visibility into usage and trends. Then they can increase spending on heavily adopted apps that produce results, and cut spending on underperforming apps.

BoxTone for Good Technology Analytics Dashboard

BoxTone’s automated Mobile App Analytics (MAA) provides businesses with the app-level visibility they need to do just that. MAA applies analytics to all the data collected by the platform and uses it to provide IT with detailed reports to determine which apps are being used and how much. This empowers IT leaders and LOB owners to more intelligently allocate their app investments, optimizing the ROI of these investments.

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