BoxTone Partners

BoxTone sits at the center of an extensive ecosystem of partners. These include technology alliances, carrier partnerships, and numerous resellers, managed service providers and hosters who can help you with your BoxTone implementation.


Technology Partners: BoxTone has developed deep strategic partnerships with key technology providers. These include mobile phone OS makers such as Apple, Google, Samsung, BlackBerry and Microsoft, as well as platform providers such as Good, Mocana and others.

Wireless Carriers

Carrier Partners: BoxTone partners with the largest and most successful mobile carriers in the United States, Europe and Japan to deliver exception end-to-end value to our joint customers.


Resellers: BoxTone operates throughout the world and partners with many of the world’s largest resellers to ensure global distribution.

Integrators, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Hosters

MSPs and Hosters: BoxTone is the choice of the world’s largest managed service providers and hosters. BoxTone ensures the reliability of their mission-critical environments while driving down their support costs.

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