Mobile Support Management

Grow Your Deployment, Not Your Support Costs

Mobile Support Management Wrench

As mobile deployments grow, service desk calls are inevitable, and it's important to equip your staff to avoid being overwhelmed. BoxTone delivers deep end-to-end monitoring and automated problem resolution for mobile issues. BoxTone looks across your entire mobile infrastructure to detect problems. It then gives support staff clear answers about where problems lie and how to fix them. It takes the complexity out of mobile support. By utilizing BoxTone, staff can diagnose and resolve support issues in a fraction of the time. The result? Lower staffing costs, higher user satisfaction and decreased business disruption.

Watch this video to see how Mobile Support Management can resolve common issues quickly and reduce costs.

With BoxTone Mobile Support Management, organizations can:

Auto-Diagnose Vexing Support Challenges

  • Reduce your cost to serve by using automation rather than additional headcount
  • Diagnose issues without searching through multiple log files
  • Fix common issues with a single click

Reduce Escalations and Enable L1 support to solve problems

  • Provide first line staff the power to Instantly look up a user, their devices and apps, and status of service
  • Present a full historical user-interaction log to help find issues quickly
  • Deliver intuitive problem solving capabilities to staff

Reduce Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR)

  • Eliminate the finger-pointing common in complex environments
  • Quickly identify problems and get users back to work
  • Provide an embedded knowledge base to your support staff

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Avoid Support Calls by Empowering Users

  • Enable users to reset device or app passwords
  • Activate, migrate, replace and retire user devices without any IT touch
  • Reallocate support staff to complex tasks rather than routine functions

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BoxTone provides specific Mobile Support Management for a wide array of mobile technologies. Learn more about Mobile Service Management for Good TechnologyExchange ActiveSync, and BlackBerry at those links.

Reducing Support Costs by up to 80%

Mobile infrastructure is complex. These include backend systems such as Microsoft Exchange, mobile-specific systems such as Good and BlackBerry, network infrastructure, and firewalls. They also include NOCs, carrier networks and devices. How can a first-level support staffer figure out where a user’s issue lies? It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. Usually, the result is an escalation and an expensive case.

That’s where BoxTone comes in. BoxTone looks across all of these systems. It quickly identifies the issue, and tells the support staffer how to fix it. Instead of 80% of issues causing escalations, now only 20% require them. Mean-time-to resolution can be drive down from half an hour to less than 5 minutes.

Enabling wide-scale mobility

BoxTone doesn’t just reduce the cost of support calls. It also prevents them in the first place. BoxTone User Self-Service enables users to resolve the issues themselves. From checking status of the device to resetting password to device activation, migration, lock, wipe and full de-provisioning, BoxTone takes the burden off of the service desk. Users can easily address each issue themselves without a call.

With BoxTone, Organizations can now grow their deployments while containing costs. BoxTone reduces mobile costs by up to 80%. As companies deploy mobility, and mobile becomes the primary way users access their company data, BoxTone prevents IT from getting crushed.

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