Mobile Operations Management

Make Mobility Fully Reliable

Mobile Operations Management Lifeline

As mobility grows more pervasive, it almost immediately becomes a mission-critical platform. However, traditional mobile management point products fail to treat mobility as a tier one platform, resulting in complexity, outages and cost overruns that have substantially negative business impact. BoxTone delivers the reliability your business needs to meet its objectives in an increasingly mobile world.

Proactively Monitor Full Mobile Transactions Across Your Infrastructure

  • Monitor all service quality and performance in real-time across backend systems, mobile servers, NOCs, carrier networks and devices
  • Get a 360 view across all your infrastructure
  • Integrate with your existing enterprise monitoring tools

Receive Alerts Before Service is Impacted

  • Receive proactive alerts on issues across all components of your mobile deployment
  • Identify deviations from normal baselines to find issues others miss
  • Identify issues before they impact service

Tune Your Mobile Infrastructure to Ensure Optimal Performance

  • Identify trouble points and take corrective action
  • Know when you need to adjust configuration or capacity to support growth
  • Get more out of your existing infrastructure investments

BoxTone provides specific Mobile Operations Management for a wide array of mobile technologies. Learn more about Mobile Service Management for Good TechnologyExchange ActiveSync, and BlackBerry at those links.

Making Sense of a Complex Infrastructure

Mobile infrastructure is inherently complex. It involves many components both inside and outside the firewall. These include backend systems such as Microsoft Exchange, mobile-specific systems such as Good and BlackBerry, network infrastructure, and firewalls. They also include NOCs, carrier networks and devices. With so many moving parts, some of which are out of IT’s control, pinpointing issues is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Mobile Operations Infrastructure

While important, traditional monitoring frameworks do very little to solve complex mobile issues. They only look at individual servers or systems in isolation. If a server looks healthy but is failing to provide good service to users, these tools miss the issue. Furthermore, they fail to look at things outside the organization’s control. If a carrier issue or device update creates problems, IT can spend hours or days investigating logs searching for gremlins in their internal systems that just aren’t there.

Finding the Needle in the Haystack

BoxTone finds the needle in the haystack. BoxTone doesn’t just look at a single server. It looks at the complete transaction from the backend to the device. By correlating between users and establishing known performance baselines, BoxTone identifies exactly where an issue lies and how to fix it. Better still, it does this across various technologies such as Exchange ActiveSync, Good, BlackBerry and others and across all device types.

BoxTone’s proactive monitoring, alerting and troubleshooting enable operations teams to quickly pinpoint issues before they cause service disruptions. By identifying issues lurking below the surface, BoxTone helps operations resolve issues before users are impacted. Operations can avoid large-scale outages and hundreds of support calls by taking corrective action quickly. Built on a solid IT Service Management (ITSM) and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) foundation, BoxTone ensures mobile service is there when you need it.

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