Mobile Productivity, Not Security

The realization that mobility is about far more than simply getting email to mobile devices is hitting home in Board Rooms and IT Strategy sessions all across the world. The industry Leaders and Laggards of the future are being defined based on their decisions on how to mobilize the business. Just as the industry Leaders and Laggards were defined in the previous technology wave of the Internet. Very rarely do business and IT executives get the opportunity to learn from past opportunities and challenges in such a short period of time. What to do?

The first and most critical item is to understand what mobility is really all about. Mobility is about enabling people to interact with information to make them more productive. It is not about security; however it must be done securely. It is not solely about employees since prospects, customers and partners also want to interact with your business. It is not about one device type or mobile OS vs. another because mobile diversity is a reality that must be managed. But, it is about mobilizing your business services for employees, prospects, customers and partners to deliver value. That business value could be getting real-time medical images on a tablet while in the operating room, processing a customer order while on site at their facility, or watching a training video while on a train. For all of these there is an Enterprise behind the mobile service that wants to make the mobile user more productive and expand the relationship. How to do it?

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Well-designed mobile applications and mobile service infrastructure should:

  1. Deliver clear benefit and value to the mobile user
  2. Protect the User and Enterprise data
  3. Be highly reliable and responsive
  4. Provide visibility for support and service quality
  5. Reduce the cost to serve and operate

I will take a more in-depth look at these items and the exciting opportunities that the next frontier of mobility provides for the enterprise and the mobile user in my next several blog posts.

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Alan Snyder
February 17, 2014

Posted by Alan Snyder